10 Million Tons

of glass is disposed of each year in the US

Only 33%

gets properly recycled

Glass recycling is a global issue contributing to major economic and environmental issues.

Landfills significantly contribute to worldwide pollution. Recycling initiatives have proven to limit the tonnage of garbage being placed in the earth by re-purposing the use of many materials; glass is one of these items. Additionally, by recycling more glass the requirement for sand, a limited resource, is reduced.

Current Glass Recycling Impact

77% of all glass produced is new glass while 23% is recycled. Within the total recycled glass, the impact is on 5% landfill savings, 7% energy savings, and 11% carbon savings

The world needs an accurate, accessible, ecofriendly, and cost effective glass recycling solution.

Introducing LumaSort

3D render of the vertical sorting robot

The LumaSort Vertical Sorting Robot has been designed specifically to sort glass, but it has potential to do so much more.

How it Works

Crushed glass of differing colors is loaded into the hopper.

The crushed glass is scanned by the integrated sensor network.

Separators respond to the sensor data and automatically sort the glass into different groups.

The result is perfectly sorted piles of glass ready to be recycled.

a diagram of the sorting process

LumaSort will reduce the transportation costs, required sorting infrastructure, manual labor time, and high carbon emitting machinery by streamlining the entire process into one efficient robot.

Projected Glass Recycling Impact with LumaSort

It is projected that LumaSort will make it so 50% of glass produced will be from recycled glass. This will result in an impact of 10% landfill savings, 15% energy savings, and 25% carbon savings

The global recycled glass market is

expected to reach $5.7 billion by 2026

With great technological requirements comes a re-visioned industry ripe for innovation. LumaSort will be a return on both financial and economic investment that pays for itself within five years. It will automate a complex and costly affair into an efficient, clean, and environmentally impactful process at a fraction of the original cost.

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